Our 24th Wedding Anniversary
July 14, 2007
Silver City, Idaho

We did something very different this year - we did a
Guest Chef spot for the Silver City Hotel on Saturday
night! What great fun and excitement.
Lamb Kabobs, Salmon with Grilled Sweet Red Pepper
and Sun Dried Tomato Sauce, and Rolled Beef Flank
Steak. (Recipes available at by Clicking Here)

The Silver City Hotel

Town overview from the Cemetary

Chinese Laundry

Masonic Temple and dance hall

Rich blue skies

Doorway to No Where ...

and the Stairway To Heaven

Robin on 2nd floor porch

Silver City Sheriff

Happy Birthday!

Silver City wrangler

Storm clouds

Storm clouds

Wine tasting party Friday night

Food table




Robin made a Torte

Drug Store entrance

In the Dentist Office at the Drug Store

Robin in the kitchen cooling off

Robin in the kitchen

Hotel kitchen

Main bar in the dinning room

Robin and I thank Roger and Jerri Nelson (and Coal) for
giving us this experience and great time! If you have
never been to the Silver City Hotel, you really need to
And what a great weekend. Fine food, fine friends and
fine company.

See you next year for our

25th Anniversary

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